Elixers story

Valentijn and Eva have both been working for years in different restaurants, bars and clubs in Amsterdam. Eva was born in the Bijlmer and, as a toddler, tapped all her first beers in the well-known café De Nachtegaal (Grubbenhoeve, Bijlmer) and made her first cautious steps in the kitchen on Fridays as a kitchen assistant. After some wanderings, she really started cooking, she has developed herself as a passionate chef who loves classic European cuisine.

When the spark hit between these chefs 3 years ago, the desire to start a restaurant together, and not just a restaurant, soon arose, they cherish the dream of giving something back to society. They hope to be able to facilitate that through Elixir.

Valentijn has been living and breathing in hospitality since he can think for himself and perhaps even before that. Hospitality is therefore high on his list, he has the talent to make anything out of nothing and, like Eva, can cook very well, Valentijn knows all facets and for him nothing is too crazy.


On a wide green grass field, exactly between old and new Bijlmermeer, you can find; Restaurant Elixer. A circular two chefs restaurant with; Valentijn Klap and Eva Evers as chefs. They want to create a home to everything and everyone the Bijlmer has to offer. Good coffee, locally brewed beers, homemade lemonades and delicious food is the recipe that they work with. 

Misset Horeca - December 2019

PS Proefwerk - Oktober 2019

Het Parool - August 2019

Kantershof Enzo - April 2019