Elixer for groups 

LUNCH - € 25.00 p.p. 

A soup in advance, followed by vegetables from the wood oven, salads, bread with various dips, our own vegetable pickles and meat and fish. Afterwards we will serve you some coffee and / or tea with small pastries.

BORREL - € 15.00 p.p.

1 welcome drink (with or without alcohol) p.p.

2 drinks (wine, beer or soft drinks) p.p.

6 snacks p.p.

 SHARED DINING - € 29.50 p.p.  

We start with salads, our vegetable pickles, bread with various dips.

Followed by trays with vegetables from a wood oven, potato gratin, fish and chicken from the wood oven.

For dessert pie or homemade ice cream will be served.


3 courses for €32,50, 4 courses for €37,50 or 5 courses for €42,50.

Let yourself be surprised by the cooking skills of Elixer's 2 chefs! Our surprise menu can be prepared with or without meat or fish, entirely vegetarian or vegan: all options are possible.


Since we work with local producers, we always have to wait and see what the hunters shoot or the fishermen catch. As a result, even for us it remains a surprise what we will prepare for you! But you can certainly expect some Christmas classics!


We also offer a matching drinks arrangement for € 6 per person per course. Other drinks are billed on the basis of subsequent calculation. You can take a look on our website for the prices of our drinks or to get an idea of ​​what we generally cook at Elixer.